The story of match

How to Light a Match


There are a lot of ways of thinking about how to light a match.

For example, when an elementary school student uses it in a science experiment, they should rub it to the other side since the broken stick may fly to him/herself, but in front of the Buddha, it is rude to point the fire at the Buddha, so there is also the idea of rubbing it toward you.

When you light someone else’s cigarette, it is common to rub it toward you and put your hand on it, however, in case of bonfire or barbecue, you rub it to the other side and throw it in there.

There is no “correct”, so you can select either way, rubbing a match to the other side, or toward yourself.

Please use it properly depending on the situation, paying sufficient attention to safety.

Here’s an example of how to rub a match.

As shown in the photo, grasp the stick firmly and quickly rub it down diagonally forward.



【Precautions for use】

Please note that the stick may break if you rub it too hard.

If you rub it with the box open, it may catch fire, so be sure to close it in advance.

Please check the fire extinguishing after use.

Blow out the fire or throw it in an ashtray (with water) to extinguish it.

(If you shake a match to extinguish the fire, there is a danger that the stick will break and fly.)