What is a “Nonsulfur match” ?

Body-friendly match

It is a match including no sulfur, which was developed through repeated research in consideration of people’s health.

Body-friendly match Masahiko Tanaka

The beginning was “my mother’s” asthma.

When you rub a match containing sulfur, it gives off a strong pungent odor. This is sulfurous acid gas (* 1) that is generated when sulfur burns. Sulfurous acid gas induces asthma attacks. In 1950 (After World War Ⅱ), matches at that time needed sulfur to ignite. The mother of Masahiko Tanaka, the 4th president who lived next to the factory, had repeated asthma attacks of her chronic illness.

“I want to save my mother from the suffering of asthma”

Considering the body of the user, Chugai Match Co., Ltd. started to develop a match that does not contain sulfur. After about 20 years of research, we finally succeeded in producing a “desulfurization match” that does not use sulfur at all. In 1976, we obtained a manufacturing method patent for “Nonsulfur match”. (Patent Registration No. 836790)


The “Nonsulfur match” did not attract attention at the beginning of development, however, it has recognized its value to many people. Now it is lined up in many shops mainly at supermarkets, drug stores, and home centers nationwide.

HOWARI birthday

Warm Your Life and Heart,
and Enrich Human Life.

When you light the “Nonsulfur match”, a soft flame rises, giving the user peace and warmth. It is perfect for using for buddhist ceremonies such as Japanese Obutsu-dan and Ohaka-mairi, and also for igniting incense and aroma candles healing your mind and the body since it has no pungent odor.

When igniting cigarettes and cigars, since its combustion temperature is low, you can enjoy it without being disturbed the flavor and taste.

Also, you can enjoy it at various kinds of scenes such as birthday candles, BBQ, and campfires regardless of age in security. We will think of human health, society, and nature, and deliver products that will closely be with you from now on.

No nitrated cotton (nitrocellulose) is used for the match head.

“Nitrated cotton (nitrocellulose)” is used as an ingredient instead of sulfur in some matches. Nitrogen oxides are generated when nitrified cotton burns. Our product does not use nitrocellulose.

※1:Another name for sulfur dioxide (SO2)

In the environmental standard for air pollution of the Basic Environment Law, the environmental condition of sulfur dioxide is that the daily average of 1 hour value is 0.04ppm or less, and also 1 hour value is supposed to be 0.1ppm or less. If 3 sulfur matches are used in a closed room of 6 Tatami mats, the amount of sulfur dioxide that exceeds the standard value will be generated.