Message from CEO

Reiichiro Tanaka

Warm Your Life and Heart,
and Enrich Human Life.

CEO Reiichiro Tanaka

Since our founding in 1890, we have been manufacturing matches for more than 130 years. The simple thought to deliver high-quality matches to society as a tool to light a fire is our initial motivation. That is still our greatest significance. I do have the same thought as the 5th president like managers of generations.

In addition, the match is the first tool that allows human beings to freely ignite any object at any place, and it can be said that this invention made it possible for human beings to control the flame for the first time. And, about 200 years after its historic invention, it is a very rare product that is still used while maintaining its basic parts.

While handing down this wonderful invention, we want to make it even more sophisticated and easy to use for everyone. We recognize that like-minded employees, including part-time employees, are an irreplaceable treasure for us and are the most important stakeholders of the company.

The consumption of matches has been decreasing year by year in recent years, but we believe that matches made mainly of wood and paper can become necessary in the present times when plastic waste and carbon dioxide emissions are a problem. And It is also true that staring at the flame can heal a person’s heart. If our match can tenderly warm your mind and body, we would be so happy the most.

“What is the company for?” “Who is the company for?” Keeping this basic question in mind, returning to this starting point, we will continue for the next 100 years with honest and steady efforts.

Company Overview

Chugai Match Co., Ltd.
Chugai Match Co., Ltd.
Chugai Match Co., Ltd.
550 Urayasuminamimachi, Minami-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken, 702-8024, Japan
Reiichiro Tanaka, CEO
Business Outline
Manufacture and sale of household matches, advertising matches, sale of smoking equipment
The Number of Empoyees
29(As of June2023)
Related company
CVEC Co., Ltd.
Chugoku Bank Okayama Station Branch

As a cooperator for rehabilitation of persons with handicapped

Chugai Match Co., Ltd. offers a place for employment training and supports rehabilitation activities. We received the Minister of Health and Welfare commendation at the 34th National Mental Health Convention, and a letter of appreciation from Okayama prefecture.
We will contribute to the promotion of welfare.


1890Kanekichi Tanaka established Tanaka Match Seisakusho.
1928Organization changed and Chugai Match Co., Ltd. was established.
1958Chugai Shoji Co., Ltd. was established.
1967 Production division moved to Urayasuminamimachi, Minami-ku, Okayama-shi.
Continuous automatic match production machines were installed.
1969Obtained JIS Mark indication permit
1973Organization of Chugai Shoji Co., Ltd. changed and Chugai Co., Ltd. was established.
1976Obtained a process patent of “Nonsulfur match” that no sulfur is used
1986Received an award from the Health and Welfare Minister at the 34th Mental Health Welfare National Convention
2007Obtained new JIS Mark indication permit
2011Chugai Co., Ltd. was merged.
2021Transferred Nishikimachi parking lot leasing business from Chugai Match Co., Ltd. to CVEC Co., Ltd. due to organizational change